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The way couscous works

Written By Mehdi Oussama Sahim on Saturday, January 11, 2020 | January 11, 2020


It is a traditional Arab Maghreb food such as Libya, Morocco and Tunisia and it has several types such as: couscous with black plum (peach), couscous with the head of the lamb, couscous with "seven vegetables", couscous with fish, oaksy with milk, and couscous is not an alien meal for the people of the Arab East It is very similar to the macho, but the macho is put on bulgur and has flour on it.

   The way couscous works:

The main ingredient for all types of couscous:

Couscous (medium or coarse bulgur) is prepared and soaked in warm water and salt for two hours, then filtered from water and placed in a strainer (couscous). The strainer is placed on a container in which boiling water is stirred from time to time with a fork until it spreads (ripens) and needs approximately an hour, either what is placed On the couscous, it will be according to the type of prepared couscous, and here we set the way to prepare couscous with vegetables: broth of couscous with vegetables, eggplant, zucchini, potatoes, beans, beans, okra, onions, chickpeas, meat, flower, and any vegetables you like cut into longitudinally with some tomato We also add spices, such as: black pepper, ginger, sweet pepper, Add the margarine which then fried Ngleh with water, and then placed in a deep large pot (Chinese) put the couscous and the monument above the broth and vegetables, and placed beside some appetizers such as: authorities and pickles.

   Couscous Salad:

Couscous Salad (similar to Lemon Tabouleh): boiled couscous (bulgur), tomatoes, lettuce, parsley, pepper, olive oil, salt, onions, mint, and lemon juice.Sweet couscous is placed on the couscous some raisins, sugar and coconuts, and hazelnuts, almonds and raisins in ghee can also be fried and filtered from the oil stuck with it through kitchen paper, placed in a large hierarchical container and put on it hazelnuts, almonds, raisins, sugar and coconut and serve hot.


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