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The most famous French cuisine

Written By Mehdi Oussama Sahim on Wednesday, January 8, 2020 | January 08, 2020

         The most famous French cuisine

History of French cuisine:

We can say that the Italian cuisine is the origin from which the French cuisine was defected, as Italian chefs were brought in to teach French chefs how to enhance and show the flavors of the ingredients rather than hiding them during the wedding of Catherine de Medici and King Henry II of France, and those are the beginnings of the French cuisine that has become in Today is one of the most important and closest international kitchens to the taste of many people.

 If we search for the pioneers of the French cuisine and its fans, we will find them a lot due to the diversity of its dishes and the simplicity of its contents in addition to the delicious taste that many praise. From French cuisine, but first we will look at a simple overview of the history of French cuisine.
Paris Brest dish ingredients:
  1. One cup of flour.
  2. Two cups of milk.
  3.  The amount of three tablespoons of butter.
  4. One tablespoon of sugar.
  5.  Three eggs.
  6.  Half a tablespoon of ginger.
  7. Teaspoon cinnamon. A quarter of a tablespoon of salt.
  • Two cups of Chantilly Cream.
  •  Five cherries to decorate.
How to prepare:
  • We put the milk in a bowl and then wait until it boils and put the butter with it until it melts, then we put the salt, sugar, cinnamon and ginger, we add the flour with continuous stirring, then we remove the mixture from the heat and let it cool down.
  • We mix the dough with eggs one by one, after that we put the mixture with a confectionery bag and then painted a tray with oil, and the dough is formed in the form of rectangles and circular.
  •  We put the formed dough in a hot oven until it swells and matures, and we must pay attention to the necessity of not opening the oven until after making sure of its maturity, so as not to drop the prepared dish.
  •  After the "Paris Priest" is ripe, we open the beads and stuff them with Chantilly cream, and they are decorated with cherry seeds.
French salad dish Nissauise ingredients: 
  1. One can of tuna in oil.
  2. Boiled eggs, cut into quarters.
  3.  Two medium peeled potatoes, boiled and cut into cubes.
  4. Two hundred grams of green beans, boiled.
  5.  Two tomatoes, cut into quarters.
  6. Twelve anchovy fish, soaked in oil.
  7.  Twenty black olives and be seedless.
  8.  Three tablespoons of olive oil.
  9. Three tablespoons of vinegar.
  10. Two teaspoons of mustard (mustard).
  11.  Salt and ground black pepper, both as desired.
How to prepare:
 We dissolve the mustard with vinegar, mix the mixture well and then add the olive oil and stir the mixture together, after that we sprinkle the spice and salt and then put the prepared marinade aside.
 Drain the tuna from the oil.
 We put the boiled beans on the salad bowl and put the potato cubes on top, and then put the tuna over the potatoes in the bowl.
Distribute quarters of eggs and tomatoes consecutively on the ends of the bowl, and decorate the dish with anchovy and black olives.
Pour vinaigrette sauce on salad when served.


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