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Make meatballs

Written By Mehdi Oussama Sahim on Tuesday, January 21, 2020 | January 21, 2020



 A kilo of veal meat, parsley, large onion, finely chopped, one-third cup of oil, four grains of chopped tomatoes, cut small, three cloves of finely chopped garlic, and a few crushed black pepper and onion feathers.


Onion put the feathers with a little oil on the fire, then add the crushed garlic on it, then put the chopped tomatoes in a fine chop and stir them over the fire until they melt a little, then put the tomato juice on all the mixture and leave it on the fire until it boils. The beef meat is placed in a plate and a finely chopped onion is put on it, then salt and black pepper are sprinkled and mixed, then small balls are made where the volume is according to the desire, then we put them in the oven and after browning we remove them from the oven and put them on the tomato mixture and Onions and garlic for three minutes on the fire after that poured into a serving dish, and white rice can be served next to her.

Meatballs with spaghetti:


 Meat balls like the balls made in the previous recipe, spaghetti packet, tomato sauce, three tablespoons of olive oil, quarter cup of finely chopped parsley, quarter cup of Parmesan cheese, 1 tablespoon of salt, black or white pepper, basil leaves.


First, cook the macaroni with water, a little salt, and a little oil until it ripens, then drain. Then make the tomato sauce, then add the garlic, then the chopped basil leaves, sprinkle the salt and pepper, put the meat balls on the tomato mixture, then put the balls with the tomato mixture and put the mixture and the balls over the spaghetti, then put the parmesan cheese and then in the oven for five minutes then Serve on serving plate.


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