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Garlic baking method

Written By Mehdi Oussama Sahim on Wednesday, January 22, 2020 | January 22, 2020

Garlic bread:

We often left delicious pizza pieces to enjoy the taste of toast added to the taste of delicious garlic, which is often served as a side dish with it, but this bread is very easy to prepare at home and for less than a quarter of an hour, it is a very easy and delicious dish, where those who eat it enjoy Garlic, which is used to cut crunchy bread, has been added to the menu in American restaurants since 1947 AD, and now it is sold as coated lips, and away from the ready-to-cut bread with garlic, you can prepare this bread home, and in this article we have chosen to offer you, dear reader, a method of preparing garlic bread. \

Make garlic bread:

The ingredients:

Toast (French loaf) with the desired quantity and desired size, preferably the long thin type of it, as this type gives you a large number of tablets.
Garlic to taste, olive oil can be replaced with butter, as desired.
Cheddar cheese (this ingredient can be dispensed with if you are afraid of being overweight or obese).

Method of preparation:

To start with, we cut the bread pieces with the bread knife (or a saw knife, depending on the one present), where the bread should be cut in the form of slices of equal thickness, taking care not to be too thick or too thin.
Peel the garlic and cut the cloves into small pieces, and then grind them well until the garlic becomes more like oil, so that you don't see the constituent fibers.
Put the garlic in a bowl, and the oil in a bowl, then put some oil in the oven tray.
We grease the sliced ​​pieces of bread with oil and then garlic on both sides, then put them on the oven tray, repeating this step with the amount of bread present. You can also use the kitchen-based paintbrush to ensure a good distribution of the ingredients.
With the fingers, we put a suitable amount of cheese on the face of the bread, with the tray inserted in an oven with a temperature of 250 º, and for a period of no more than seven minutes.
When the cheese on the face of the bread, the edges of the bread, and the bread becomes blond, become brown, the garlic bread is ready.
 Take the tray out of the oven and place the garlic bread in the serving plate immediately.

Additions to the recipe:

  • You can add onion recipe to this recipe, by applying it with garlic in the same previous steps.
  • Some apply herbs with garlic as well.
  • You can give up French toast and make your own dough, by adding garlic to the dough, and you'll get garlic toast.

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